VitaShell Theme : Akatsuki

Akatsuki theme header

(download link below)

Inspired by the red clouds, alwyas prominent on the Akatsuki’s (Naruto anime) garb, this theme is a fork of Electron, adorned with a darker tone.

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Rebooted Vault : First Post !

First Post Header

Welcome to (the New) Acemad’s Vault.

It has been quite a while since my last post on the old WordPress site. The same can be said about my last piece of work (VitaShell theme, Electron). It was an unexpected hiatus. Work/life factors could limit the creative escape window you are allowed to have each day, and in my case, the limit was leaning towards zero.

As far as I am concerned, creative time is sacred, and should have its own priority amongst the rest of activities. A compromise had to be made, and here we are, a freshly rebooted vault.

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Original Logo Design : VitaSDK

vitasdk header

I was wandering through the high grass of twitter when I stumbled upon this:

So, yeah, I liked the idea, why not ? It's been quite some time since I've been following the underground console hacking scene, why not give something back? even if it has a tiny impact. Immediately, I fired up CorelDraw and started sketching, then came up with a not so interesting design.

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