VitaShell Theme : HatsuneMiku

HatsuneMiku theme header

(download link below)

The virtual idol adored by millions around the world, finally has its own VitaShell theme. Using the same color palette as Miku’s, this theme focuses on putting Miku on the background of every VitaShell screen, all while keeping an unobstructive and clean UI.

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VitaShell Theme : Akatsuki

Akatsuki theme header

(download link below)

Inspired by the red clouds, alwyas prominent on the Akatsuki’s (Naruto anime) garb, this theme is a fork of Electron, adorned with a darker tone.

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Rebooted Vault : First Post !

First Post Header

Welcome to (the New) Acemad’s Vault.

It has been quite a while since my last post on the old WordPress site. The same can be said about my last piece of work (VitaShell theme, Electron). It was an unexpected hiatus. Work/life factors could limit the creative escape window you are allowed to have each day, and in my case, the limit was leaning towards zero.

As far as I am concerned, creative time is sacred, and should have its own priority amongst the rest of activities. A compromise had to be made, and here we are, a freshly rebooted vault.

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Original Logo Design : VitaSDK

vitasdk header

I was wandering through the high grass of twitter when I stumbled upon this:

So, yeah, I liked the idea, why not ? It's been quite some time since I've been following the underground console hacking scene, why not give something back? even if it has a tiny impact. Immediately, I fired up CorelDraw and started sketching, then came up with a not so interesting design.

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