Rebooted Vault : First Post !

First Post Header

Welcome to (the New) Acemad’s Vault.

It has been quite a while since my last post on the old WordPress site. The same can be said about my last piece of work (VitaShell theme, Electron). It was an unexpected hiatus. Work/life factors could limit the creative escape window you are allowed to have each day, and in my case, the limit was leaning towards zero.

As far as I am concerned, creative time is sacred, and should have its own priority amongst the rest of activities. A compromise had to be made, and here we are, a freshly rebooted vault.

To be honest, there is also a technical side to this hiatus. The old WordPress-powered website was a hastily deployed blog that I wanted to use as a recipient of my design works and articles. Securing a domain name and paying for web-hosting was out of the question, since I am (currently) unable to send money overseas (a complicated issue!), the solution was to choose one of those free (but limited) web-hosting plans and call it a day. Byethost’s free hosting plan seemed to be quite interesting, so I signed-up, installed WordPress, some themes and plugins, chose a theme, applied some customization and voila ! As for the domain name, the solution was obvious: Freenom.

It was cool and all, I posted some articles, some designs, received some collaboration messages…etc. 10 months later, the site suddenly stopped working. Fortunately, the database and files stood intact, and I was able to retrieve the posts, however, that was an awful experience, the metrics (bandwidth, disk…) were way under the predefined limits, and there was no single breach of terms or anything. That was the cost of Free, I just gave up.

Fortunately, and after some pondering, the solution presented itself in the form of GitHub Pages + Jekyll. An awesome combination of free and reliable hosting and a flexible, CMS rivaling static site generator (More on that in a future post). The setup was more involved than WordPress, but the results were more rewarding and satisfying. This is what the new Acemad’s Vault rely on.

Things should be more stable from now on, and that means I can keep moving forward with more content in the future, expect more graphic designs for the PSVita (and in general), design articles, probably some programing/AI articles and tutorials. Do not be surprised if you encounter a post in French.

Thank you for reading and welcome again, do check on us from time to time :) Oh, and don’t forget to express your opinions in the comment section below.

PS : Some old content may resurface again, some won’t.