VitaShell Theme : HatsuneMiku

HatsuneMiku theme header

(download link below)

The virtual idol adored by millions around the world, finally has its own VitaShell theme. Using the same color palette as Miku’s, this theme focuses on putting Miku on the background of every VitaShell screen, all while keeping an unobstructive and clean UI.

Update 31/08/2018 : Theme updated to accommodate the new settings entry in VitaShell 1.95. Enjoy !

This theme was requested by @Nzaki0716 whom I thank deeply for also helping me in some key design decisions. My first priority while designing a theme is to keep the UI as clean as possible, I can say that this theme sits on the edge of my design philosophy. It’s a theme about Hatsune Miku, it can’t be helped to design such theme without showing Miku herself (unacceptable !!).

In the end, I think the theme managed to meet my expectations. Let the screenshots do the talking:

Home Screen

VitaShell Home


VitaShell Settings

Context Menu

VitaShell Context

Audio Player

VitaShell Audio Player

LiveArea Bubble (optional)


LiveArea Theme (optional)


NEW : Boot Screen (optional)

This would appear immediately after launching VitaShell, sort of a loading screen.

Boot Screen

Let’s see how it would look like on @Nzaki0716’s Hatsune Miku PSVita.

How to install ? (On top of default VitaShell)

  • Download from the link below.
  • Copy the ‘HatsuneMiku’ folder inside the downloaded zip to ux0:VitaShell/theme/
  • Switch to HatsuneMiku theme from VitaShell settings. Restart VitaShell. Enjoy.
  • (Optional) If you would like to install the LiveArea theme, bubble and Boot Screen (which I recommend), just copy the ‘VITASHELL’ folder to ur0:appmeta/ and ux0:app/ and make sure to confirm any overwrite.

Download HatsuneMiku Theme

Enjoy :)

Hatsune Miku and related trademarks and imagery belong solely to its(their) respective owner(s).

Images used in this work: (All credits for these images go to their respective artists whom I could not identify)