VitaShell Theme : NeonRift

NeonRift theme header

(download link below)

One upon a time, there was a video game that had another video game as a DLC. That DLC was quite surprising, it was a completely standalone game that even rivaled the original in quality. (IMHO)

Update 31/08/2018 : Theme updated to accommodate the new settings entry in VitaShell 1.95. Enjoy !

The game was FarCry 3 and the DLC was FarCry 3 : Blood Dragon. So what’s the relationship with VitaShell? you might ask. Lets say VitaShell lacks some neon lights :) Have a look at the image below.

Blood Dragon Promo

Blood Dragon had a very interesting color palette that I found really refreshing for a game set in a retro-futuristic universe. The execution was simply fascinating and consistent across the entire game and promotional media.

So why not (try to) bring that awesome color palette to VitaShell? It’d be right at home, right? neon lights, laser beams and 3D wireframes ! Anyone? Enter NeonRift ;) a theme inspired from that color palette.

Home Screen

VitaShell Home


VitaShell Settings

Context Menu

VitaShell Context

Audio Player

VitaShell Audio Player

LiveArea Bubble (optional)


LiveArea Theme (optional)


Boot Screen (optional)

This would appear immediately after launching VitaShell, sort of a loading screen. I highly recommend.

Boot Screen

How to install ? (On top of default VitaShell)

  • Download from the link below.
  • Copy the ‘NeonRift’ folder inside the downloaded zip to ux0:VitaShell/theme/
  • Switch to NeonRift theme from VitaShell settings. Restart VitaShell. Enjoy.
  • (Optional) If you would like to install the LiveArea theme, bubble and Boot Screen (which I recommend), just copy the ‘VITASHELL’ folder to ur0:appmeta/ and ux0:app/ and make sure to confirm any overwrite.

Download NeonRift Theme

Enjoy :)

PS : Make sure to move your brightness slider all the way right ;)