Logo Designs

Competition Winners

The logos above were either selected as winners in design competitions (entered as Rockr90), or were designed on behalf of the owner. (each logo is a property of its respective owner)

Concepts and Highly Rated Entries

Most of the designs above were highly rated in design contests. The rest are logo concepts.

PSVita®-Scene Related Designs


Official logo of VitaSDK, the basis of every homebrew application on the PSVita®. For more info, check this post.

VitaSDK on GitHub

An unofficial design of Adrenaline's visual identity. The ePSP CFW inside the PSVita® develpoed by TheFlow.

Adrenaline on Github

An unofficial design of MolecularShell's visual identity. The VitaShell fork installed by running the Henkaku exploit.

An unofficial design of Vita Moonlight's visual identity. The NVIDIA Gamestream client for the PSVita® by xyzz.

Vita Moonligh on Github

LiveArea Themes for Homebrew Apps

Unofficial Adrenaline LiveArea theme.

Unofficial VitaShell LiveArea theme. FlatOrange.

Unofficial Moonlight LiveArea theme.

Unofficial MolecularShell LiveArea theme.

VitaShell Themes

Default VitaShell UI theme. Winner of the VitaShell design competition organized by TheFlow and Wololo.net : Competition link.

A brighter version of the electron theme.

A fork of electorn with a darker tone. More info in this post.

Among the first UI themes I designed for VitaShell

Web Designs

RevoLogo.com was my attempt at launching a low cost, online logo-design agency. The website was very simple, designed and developed using Bootstrap, jQuery, Parsley.js and a little PHP. Currently offline.

Click on the image on the left to visit a demo-site of RevoLogo.com

RevoLogo on GitHub