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Step 1

Simply fill out the logo design request form, making sure to include accurate and relevant information about the entity you wish to design its logo.

Most important things you will be asked for

E-Mail - It's important to include a valid e-mail address that you can check frequently, as it'll serve as a mean to contact you, and convey important design-process updates. All logo concepts and even final files will be delivered via e-mail.
Entity Name - If, for example you want to design the logo of a company (as the entity), the official name of that company is the entity's name, this may include the full name, such as 'MyCompany, LLC'. Same thing can be said for a product, a website, or any entity.
Name on Logo - This depends on how you want to market your brand, it's simply the plain-text name you would like to see in the form of a logo. This can be only initials, a part of, or whole name of the company.

Payment of a modest 'logo design & research' fee of $19.95 is required upon completion of this step. (through PayPal)
Information you provide in this step is treated as a private design brief, and is not to be shared with any third-party or whatsoever.

Step 2

Having received your logo design request, our designers will immediately start a logo design process for your entity (brand).

First, the information you provided previously is analysed thoroughly, then some design ideas are proposed and then materialized as logo concepts. These concepts (usually 3 to 5) will then be sent to you via the e-mail address you provided earlier.

You are tasked to evaluate and decide which direction must be taken based on which logo concept in the next step. You can even ask for another concept.

Designing logo concepts may take up to a maximum of 72 hours.

Step 3

The designed concepts are based on the information you provided, and are made to look awesome and satisfy your business needs. You will have to select a concept that you judge the most adequate for your business, you can then ask to apply tweaks and adjustments as you see fit (if any), these tweaks include :

  • Changing colors
  • Modifying layout
  • Modifying typeface
  • Adding/Removing small details
  • Resizing
  • ...etc

You select and tweak a concept by replying to the e-mail containing initial logo concepts, or you can just send a message to [design @] using the e-mail address you provided. Your message should include the concept's number, and all the requested tweaks and adjustments needed.
Our designers will send you the tweaked version and work with you until you're satisfied

You may also ask for another concept based on the initial ones or a completely new one, then apply tweaks.

Step 4

Upon satisfaction you may purchase the final logo files to be used on any media type concerning your business. You will receive a packaged file containing all the raster and vector files you will ever need, ready for deployment, these files include :

  • High resolution raster JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
  • PDF File
  • Original vector files AI, EPS, CDR
Purchase price is fixed at $39.99, and includes all the files mentioned, plus any other file type you specifically requested. Payment is secured by PayPal.

Please note that no tweaking or adjustments are possible after receiving the final logo files.